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What is an Elite e-cigarette?
An electronic cigarette or "e-cigarette" is an alternative to smoked tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. It is a battery-powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by delivering a vaporized diluted nicotine solution. In addition to nicotine delivery, this vapor also provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaled tobacco smoke, while no tobacco, smoke, or combustion is actually involved in its operation.
Why are eLight Elite e-cigarettes better than traditional tobacco cigarettes?
Tobacco is the only product in the U.S. that causes death and disability when used as intended — the single, most preventable cause of death in the U.S! Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals, over 60 of which are known to cause cancer. Elite e-cigarettes contain less than 10 ingredients, none of which have been shown to be harmful to your health. In addition to the potentially lifesaving health benefits, Elite e-cigarettes are much cheaper than traditional cigarettes - up to 75% in some states!
I see eLight Elites referred to as premium e-cigarettes. What makes them "premium"?
The same things that makes a Mercedes Benz a premium automobile! Research and development, technologically advanced engineering, and quality components perfectly constructed to work in flawless harmony. This all comes together to produce the eLight ELITE PREMIUM electronic cigarette. In many cases the eLight Elite is more economical than lower quality brands.
Will using the Elite e-cigarette have a negative effect on people around me?
NO. Since there is no flame or combustion there is no first or second hand smoke. The simulated "smoke" coming from your Elite e-cigarette is not actually smoke, but rather water vapor that carries the nicotine and helps simulate the smoking experience. This vapor will quickly dissipate after being released from the Elite e-cigarette and is harmless to those around the user.
Will eLight Elite e-cigarettes save me money?
Definitely! The retail price of a starter kit is less than the national average price of 2 cartons of tobacco cigarettes. A starter kit includes 10 cartridges which, depending on the model, is the equivalent of up to 8 packs of cigarettes. Replacement cartridges are up to 75% cheaper than tobacco cigarettes "puff for puff" and even cheaper "milligram for milligram" of nicotine. The starter kit will generally pay for itself in less than a month and then the real savings begin! An average user can save over $125 a month after switching to an Elite e-cigarette. These results ARE TYPICAL!
Where can I use eLight Elite e-cigarettes?
Legally, Elite e-cigarettes can be used everywhere. They do not fall under the restrictions of any states anti-smoking laws as there is no flame and emit no smoke. E-cigarettes are technically a nicotine inhaler which is legal for use everywhere1. The is no second hand smoke or unpleasant odors emitted from an Elite e-cigarette and therefore should be allowed for use everywhere.
What ingredients are in an eLight Elite e-cigarette cartridge?
Propylene glycol, Nicotine, Glycerol, Tobacco essence (flavoring), Organic acid, and Purified water. Nicotine is the only ingredient which has any action on the body (the desired action of smoking!). In some cases it has been shown to raise blood pressure but its vapor inhalation is not considered dangerous by the FDA2. All of the other ingredients are considered safe for human consumption via inhalation of their vapor. It should be noted that ingesting the liquid rather than inhalation can cause illness in adults and could be fatal if ingested by children.
I heard on the news that e-cigarettes might contain poison, is this true?
The FDA tested a substantial number of nicotine cartridges from two of the larger U.S. e- cigarette companies. (To avoid possible litigation we won't mention their names but a simple Google search will yield your answer.) The tests found one cartridge had less than a 1% contamination of Diethylene glycol. It is likely that this very small presence in only one cartridge was the result of a cross contamination somewhere in the manufacturing process of the propylene glycol used to dilute the nicotine, and not in the actual nicotine cartridge manufacturing process itself. Experts agree that the fact such a small contamination was found in only one cartridge out of many tested that this was most likely an isolated incident. The FDA has acknowledged on their website that this isolated incident is no implication that any other brands of e-cigarettes contain anything poisonous, and should therefore not cause concern for those consumers. eLight has always had superior quality control standards and has taken steps to insure our products are of the highest quality and safe for use by smokers.
What is eLight doing to insure their products are as safe for consumers as they advertise?
We are glad you asked this question! eLight was founded on the basic principle of producing high quality products with stringent quality control standards. eLight has taken the following steps to make the Elite products safe:

1. eLight is the only electronic cigarette manufacturer to send samples from every batch of nicotine to an independent laboratory to be tested for purity and presence of contaminants. If any impurities are found (none ever have been!) the batch would be destroyed. Review our lab results on our "Why eLight" page by Clicking Here.

2. eLight funds a program allowing its retailers to monthly send a random package of cartridges to be lab tested to further boast our commitment to the testing integrity process.

3. eLight Elite replacement cartridges are foil sealed to keep the nicotine solution from leaking out. This is a common problem with our competitor's cartridges resulting in wasted product, among other annoyances.

4. eLight Elite replacement cartridges are factory sealed in a child proof bottle. eLight not only cares for your safety but the safety of those around you. At eLight quality control and consumer safety is job number one!

5. Every Elite e-cigarette component is tested and hand assembled to ensure the highest quality product. Learn more about eLight's products click here.
What makes eLight a better choice than the other brands of e-cigarettes?
Our superior quality control processes matched with a lower retail pricing and an industry leading warranty puts eLight at the head of its class. Couple this with the extensive steps eLight has taken to insure product safety, and replacement cartridges that cost half of those sold by the competition and choosing eLight becomes a "no-brainer". The list goes on and on - please visit our "Why eLight" page for more details.
How long will my Elite e-cigarette last?
Our superior quality control processes matched with a lower retail pricing and an industry leading warranty puts eLight at the head of its class. Couple this with the extensive steps eLight has taken to insure product safety, and replacement cartridges that cost half of those sold by the competition and choosing eLight becomes a "no-brainer". The list goes on and on - please visit our "Why eLight"page for more details covering this topic.
How long will my Elite cartridge last?
If you have shopped around you will find many other manufacturers claiming the cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. This is misleading and is frankly not true and we challenge these other manufacturers to back up these claims! eLight believes that the consumer should get more than their expectations, not less. For this reason we conservatively rate our Elite cartridge at 12-15 cigarettes and our Elite Mini at 7-10 cigarettes.
Who can buy eLight Elite e-cigarettes?
Any persons of legal tobacco smoking age in your state may purchase an Elite e-cigarette. eLight products are designed as an alternative for existing tobacco smokers looking for both a healthier way to smoke and to regain your indoor smoking freedom. They are not to be used by people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, women who are pregnant or nursing, or anyone with adverse reactions to nicotine. Nicotine is highly addictive and Elite e-cigarettes are not intended for use by those who are not currently tobacco smokers.
Where can I buy eLight Elite e-cigarettes?
If you are interested in purchasing any eLight products, please visit our main U.S. retailer's website at www.InnovativeSmoking.com.
If I am not near my eLight Elite retailer and I have a warranty issue, will eLight take care of the problem?
Absolutely! Please go to the Contact Us page and email the warranty department for replacement of your Elite component.
How do I know when to recharge my Elite battery?
Each battery will flash a blue LED light when the battery becomes discharged 85%. It is advised that you swap out your battery for the backup battery to avoid any down time when you see this LED low battery indication.
Do I need to clean any part of my Elite e-cigarette?
No. The Elite has a built in microchip with a self cleaning function. Every 1500 puffs your indicator LED will illuminate blue for a period of 6 seconds while the atomizer cleans itself.

Most technical questions can be answered by referring to your owners manual. If you have any questions not covered in here or in the owner's manual feel free to contact us.

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